Prepare for your MOTHERHOOD

by learning about the fourth trimester

I understand how emotive pregnancy & birth is - I've been you, hours reading, never tired of belly kicks [but always tired of indigestion], Pinterest pinning & nursery shopping. I've landed here because as a woman & as a midwife I frequently see women underprepared for their motherhood & I want to help!

Birth is typically only one day [sometimes it's so fast it happens at home or in the car], yet we spend our entire pregnancies preparing for it - I encourage you to prepare yourself for the fourth trimester too! 

The first three months of new life with your baby is a crucial part of your motherness journey & this workshop gives you practical information to form the  foundation you need as you find your footing in 'matrescence' - your transition from woman to mother.  It's what countless women before you wished they'd known! 

What's included;

Designed to be easy & enjoyable from the comfort of your own home & at your own pace

  • 10 sessions that help you build the foundations of your motherhood

  • Mixed media of video & written content to suit all learning types

  • 120 days unlimited access, complete the workshop at your pace

  • A complimentary mixed box of Lila Jasmine lactation bars

  • Information from experts in their field - a physiotherapist, nutritionist, chiropractor & more

Workshop Content

10 sections to work through at your own pace

Also included is the following;

  • E-books

    Two e-books specifically written for you, one on breastfeeding & another on postpartum nutrition

  • Lactation Bars

    We will send you complimentary mixed box of lactation bars valued at $24 [shipping not included]

  • A nurturing facilitator

    Passing on all my knowledge for mothers' care as registered midwife, nurse & mum. Contactable on via email or social media

Start preparing for your transition from woman to mother by taking this online workshop